Bridging the gap between our Data and your Website!

ACC Bridge is our online Configurator. It can be seamlessly embedded inside your website to feed your shopping cart with the completely configured ACC products your customers want. It is designed to help remove the complexities of selling automotive carpet online. We take care of the database work, allowing you to focus on advertising and selling more products.


Minimal Data to Load

No need to load thousands of part numbers, images and information into your database. Loading a few hundred price point part numbers is all that is needed.

Worry Free Updates

As ACC adds new products or makes changes to existing products, the configurator automatically stays up-to- date with no effort on your part.

Don't have to be an Expert

You don’t have to become an expert on our data. The configurator handles it all for you.

Fast Setup

In most cases, it is the fastest way to be live selling our products with the help of your website developer.

Custom Control

Set the Configurator’s color scheme to match the rest of your website. Set the sale price and control your gross margins.

Responsive Design

The configurator provides optimal viewing to your customers no matter if they are on a computer, tablet or phone.