Getting Started

Step 1 - Become an ACC Authorized Dealer
To get started using ACC Bridge on your website, you must first have an active dealer account with ACC. If you are not already an Authorized Dealer, please call our Customer Service to get an account setup.
Step 2 – Obtain an ACC Bridge Account
Call our Customer Service and request an ACC Bridge Account. You will need to provide an email address where your temporary account password and configurator ID will be sent. Your email address and password is used to log into the ACC Bridge portal site which allows you to customize features of the site.
Step 3 – Customize Your Setting
Using your log in credentials (See step 2), log into your ACC Bridge Account. Once logged in you may:
  • Set the display price that you will sell the products for on your website.
  • Set the color scheme for the boxes, buttons and text to match the colors on your website.
  • Obtain the list of Price Point Part Numbers, cost and display price for input into your computer systems.
  • Set the links to your live and optional test shopping carts.
  • Change your password.
All of this information can be updated and changed in the future as needed.
Step 4 – Determine how you will sell our products on your website
Determine what product lines offered by ACC you plan to sell. Next, use the Demo site we have provided to see the ways you can call or "Jump In" to ACC Bridge. Your web developer will need this information in the following step.
Step 5 – Your Web Developer adds ACC Bridge to your website
To use ACC Bridge will require some programing work from your web developer. We have tried to make this as straight forward as possible. It is typically a two part process. First, the developer will create "Selling Pages" for each of the "Jump In Points" you established in step 4 above. These "Selling Pages" will have ACC Bridge imbedded in them. Second, the developer will modify your shopping cart page or add a middleware piece to accept the information we pass back to populate your shopping cart with the needed information.
Step 6 – Notify ACC when you go live.
It is important for ACC to know when you go live. There are some internal adjustments to your account we must make in our systems.